Desmore is an innovator in the fields of podcasting, presenting, sharing and inspiring, born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa now living in Brisbane, Australia. She is a keenly sought-after podcaster, content creator and online media entrepreneur, with a reputation for her effervescent delivery, recognisable voice and vibrant personality. Desmore genuinely enriches the lives of her listeners.

When looking at Desmore Samios personal brand Desmore, straight away you are inspired to feel good, happy and uplifted. Desmore is a woman who knows who she is; she is confident, filled with energy and has a zest for creating uplifting content that inspires her audience to feel good about themselves. Through her podcast, feel good videos, content and vibrant personality, she has created a personal brand that most certainly stands out in the crowd.

Desmore interned on the B105 breakfast show Labby, Stav & Abby, and has worked as a Producer, Newsreader and Host for the 4EB radio station.  Desmore worked on The Women’s Profile radio show on 4EB 98.1 fm which took out the prestigious and coveted 2013 NEMBC Multicultural Ethnic Women’s Program of the year media award.  The award was a great Women’s Profile Team collaborative effort.  Moving on, Desmore saw much potential for broadcast technology in the near future and started her own meaningful podcast show.  The Desmore Chats With Podcast was a quick success, and to this day, Desmore has interviewed a varied number of remarkable guests, including coffee entrepreneur Phillip Di Bella, shoe legend Tracey Mathers, entertainment success Bonnie Lythgoe, and fashion editor of U on Sunday magazine Liz Golding.  Desmore has also created a TV show about women in different roles, and the idea was picked up by a local Brisbane community TV network, Briz 31. The show was called ”Her Untold Story” and aired in 2014. The show, which fittingly had an all female cast, focused on the untold stories of multicultural women in Brisbane.

The purpose of The Desmore Chats With Podcast aims to uplift, educate and entertain her audience, whilst also helping listeners to feel good about themselves.  The interviews and topics featured help improve the lives of others, in both their personal and professional journey.  Desmore is a pioneer in the new era of digital media, and as the founder of Desmore  Desmore creates uplifting content that will help her listeners acquire and grow their wider knowledge to confidently feel good within. Desmore’s conversations and content reveals many ‘tricks of the trade’, interesting viewpoints and techniques to achieve a more relaxed, happier and balanced lifestyle.

Desmore partners with inspiring industry leaders to establish a culture that is committed to creating, evolving, and inspiring, with personal foundations firmly built upon learning and constant improvement. Celebrating and reveling in your differences, rather than trying to be the same, is something Desmore hopes to inspire in all those whose paths she crosses. Desmore has the courage to make waves, be a game changer and unapologetically lead from the front. She is absolutely passionate about her experience in working with people of all cultures and ages, and walks of life.

Desmore strongly believes that every woman has the ability to generate cutting-edge ideas – all they need is passion and encouragement.