Join us in getting to know Desmore Samios, host of The Desmore Chats with Podcast and Motivational Speaker, as she shares with us her personal story and her life lessons learnt. Desmore aspires to helping her audience to feel good about themselves from within.  Desmore shares her powerful message that you are enough, you have what it takes and you are limitless potential in motion. Purchase your tickets today https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/feel-good-live-with-desmore-tickets-59278878722

Key topics of wisdom:

  • The power of visualisation,
  • The importance of goal setting,
  • Building awareness around your choices,
  • Having the right mindset and attitude,
  • Following your inner guidance,
  • Building self-confidence and empowering yourself,
  • How to build a strong relationship with yourself,
  • The importance of becoming a student of life,
  • Letting go of seeking approval and learning how to accept yourself as being enough.