“My intention and passion, to help people find and use their own authentic voice and story to inspire others. I love helping individuals and businesses create platforms, podcasts, blogs and videos that express and highlight their true purpose and vision. When you build a genuine connection with your audience you become their trusted friend, brand and business. A human-to-human connection is a sacred connection like no other.” Desmore Nero Samios, Host of The Desmore Chats With Podcast

We have heard the saying ‘knowledge is power’ and how ongoing learning is good for us not only for our career development but also building our library of life lessons.  Podcasts are an easy way to learn from the knowledge experts and best of all can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

Maybe you are an author, a wellness coach or spiritual healer, an industry expert, a consultant or business owner interested in giving your brand a voice? Are you passionate about making a positive difference in your listeners lives with your inspirational stories? Do you enjoy helping people live healthier and happier lives? Are you ready to let your voice and brand shine?

I want to help you unlock your podcast potential and build a real connection with your audience. Most importantly help you identify your podcast intention and how podcasting can help you build a deeper more meaningful relationship with your listeners.

These bespoke media training sessions are tailor-made just for you. You can choose your focus area of interest from the list below and together we can start working on enhancing those key areas of concern. To secure your spot please book in advance.


        • How to define your podcast mission, vision and message,

        • How to identify your authentic podcast brand voice and personality,

        • How to become a leader and influencer in your field and stand out in the crowd,

        • How to create on-brand content that will showcase and highlight your podcast message and vision,

        • How podcasting can help bring awareness and drive traffic to your online platform, products and services,

        • How to create and build a podcast brand experience your listeners will treasure and remember, building trust and listener connection,

        • The importance of choosing the right artwork for your podcast brand.

$200 | 90 minutes
$500 | 4 hours
If you would like Desmore to travel to your workplace, please send us your request with a brief overview.

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