In 2020 we have seen an enormous rise in Zoom, FaceTime, Virtual and Video meetings, taking centre stage in how we communicate as a society both personally and professionally. These online communication trends are here to stay. I predict that shying away from presenting on video, looking and sounding your best for job interviews held on video, and public speaking at virtual conferences will become a necessary requirement. Becoming confident communicators on camera and on video will become our new normal.

Building your on video confidence will become especially beneficial when presenting your brand and business message on video and speaking up for your dreams and vision with clarity. It’s of critical importance that we understand the importance of how we appear on screen and how our first impressions can make or break our message, our vision and how our audience perceives us.

How we look, sound, our non-verbal and verbal communication, will contribute greatly towards making a powerful first impression on camera. Being on video and on camera can become extremely confronting and intimidating for many.

Building our online communication confidence is not only key in our modern day virtual world but also critical moving forward. When we appear confident, authentic and truly engaging on video, we capture the hearts, minds and attention of our audience.

I am here to help you look, feel and speak confidently on video and on camera without becoming someone else. My intention is to help you seize every opportunity to speak on camera.

We will explore…

  • How to look, feel and sound your best on camera,
  • How to create memorable content that will keep the interest of the audience,
  • We will work through body language and on video energy,
  • How to talk on camera with confidence and ease,
  • How to have presence and personality on video and on camera.

Desmore is available for individual, brand or business workshops and coaching on how to present your content with video confidence with confidence.

Desmore’s one-on-one or group sessions will help you speak with confidence on video and on camera. Request fees and availability, send us your enquiry and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your requirements. 

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