“My intention is to help my audience step into their own light and discover who they are within their own interior self.” Desmore


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I believe that when we understand our sense of self, our self-worth and explore within us who we are, we then become the master builders of our own lives. We have within us the power to create the life we want through our choices, attitude, purpose and mindset. I am passionate about helping my audience become more connected to their own intuition, sense of self and their own potential.  When we build our own self-confidence and our own self-esteem, we stand on the pillars of greatness, backing ourselves, knowing that we are good enough.

Key topics of wisdom:

  • Desmore shares her story, lessons learnt and findings on how to build resilience,
  • The power of visualisation,
  • The importance of building a healthy self-esteem and knowing your true worth,
  • Building awareness around your choices,
  • Having the right mindset and attitude,
  • Following your inner guidance and how to trust the path that is meant for you,
  • Empowering yourself to become limitless potential,
  • How to build a strong relationship with yourself,
  • The importance of becoming a student of life,
  • Letting go of seeking approval and learning how to accept yourself as being enough.

To book Desmore to speak at your next event, please complete the contact box below.  Please note Desmore is based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Mobile: 0416476244

Desmore is available to speak at:

  • Personal Development Events,
  • Networking Events,
  • Community Based Events,
  • Schools,
  • Corperate Events,
  • Spiritual and Wellbeing Events,

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