I grew up with big dreams, dreams that would take me on a magical journey. I grew up in a neighbourhood called Bonteheuwel in Cape Town, South Africa. I disliked the stigma that was attached with growing up in a “disadvantaged neighbourhood” in the Cape Flats. I knew that education, would get me out of my environment and enrich my life so I would be able to live and achieve my passion. I was fearless in my pursuit, determined to break the “stereotype” and motivated to break every glass ceiling in my way. I believe to this day, that your gut instincts serve as your inner compass. You are not a product of society or people’s opinions of you, however you are the result of the choices you make and if you feel comfortable and confident within yourself and your journey, then you are on the right path. I believe whole heartedly it is not where you come from that matters but where you are going that matters most. If you are determined and clear, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

I was surrounded by many challenges that made me realize my dreams and life’s purpose from a very young age. These dreams were centered around being a woman who made a positive difference within my local, international and global community. Somehow I believed I was destined to inspire and empower people, through using my voice and creativity. I believe in following my heart and inner compass, dreaming big and taking risks, most importantly feeling the fear and not letting it take over my life or stand in the way of my dreams, my purpose and my passion. If there is one important lesson that I have learnt quickly is that every question that you have, if you go inward and believe in yourself you will find the answers you are searching for. When you ask the right questions you will receive the answers meant for you and your growth.

A few of the key areas Desmore enjoys talking about:

  • The importance of having the right attitude and mindset towards your vision and goals,
  • How to drown out the outside world and tune into your own intuition and move forward with clarity,
  • How to build resilience, overcome your fears and create a life that feels good for you,
  • How to build a lifelong connection with your inner wisdom and build a loving relationship with yourself.

To book Desmore to speak at your next event, please complete the contact box below. Desmore’s speaking rate schedule will be sent upon request. Please note Desmore is based in Brisbane, Australia. 

Mobile: 0416476244

Desmore is available to speak at:

  • Networking events,
  • Community based organisations,
  • Government functions,
  • Schools,
  • Professional meet ups,
  • Conventions,
  • Corporate events,
  • Podcasting events.

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