I grew up with big dreams, dreams that would take me on a magical journey. I grew up  in Cape Town, South Africa. I had a very strong knowing that education and having the right attitude would empower me to become limitless in achieving my own defininition of success. I was fearless in my pursuit, determined to break every glass ceiling in my way. I believe to this day, that your intuition serves as your inner compass. You are not a product of others opinions of you, however you are the result of the choices you make. When you feel  confident and empowered within yourself, you are on the right track to unlocking and building your own self-worth and self-esteem. I believe whole heartedly that it is not where you come from that matters but where you are going that matters most. You have the power to write your own story…you are responsible for yourself and the choices you make.. If you are determined and you embody the right mindset and attitude, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. The only limitation holding you back is you!

I was surrounded by many challenges that encouraged me to realize my life’s purpose from a very young age. My purpose was centered around becoming a woman who made a positive difference within her local, international and global community. Somehow I believed I was destined to inspire and empower people, through using my voice and my creativity. I believe in following my heart and inner compass, dreaming big and taking risks, most importantly feeling the fear and not letting it take over my life or stand in the way of my dreams, my purpose and my passion. If there is one crucial lesson I have learnt, is that every question you have, if you go inward and believe in yourself you will find the answers you are searching for. Trust that you are connecting the dots for your own journey. 

I had come to the realization that it is not where you come from but where you are going that matters most. I remember so clearly standing outside our house and watching international aircrafts fly by and I imagined that one day I would live overseas. I had always known in my heart that I was destined to discover a life beyond Cape Town. Reflecting back I had written down my deepest desires and goals on a piece of paper. I was around 10 years old at the time. I had tucked away my hand written note under my pillow and today I can honestly say I have achieved every single vision, goal and desire on my list. I feel extremely blessed beyond words. I believe in the power of intention, there is no such thing as luck. When we work hard, take actionable steps, believe in ourselves and move forward on our chosen path, we can achieve and create anything we set our hearts and minds to. I now know that through challenges, roadblocks and failure, it brings about the opportunity to grow both in character and in spirituality.

My mother was a single mother who worked as a machinist at a shoe factory in Cape Town, she is my role model and my pillar of strength. She encouraged me to be a strong independent woman, who was kind, empathetic, confident and determined. My mother taught me to not only dream the impossible dream, but to make it happen. And so my journey begins… 

In grade nine I had my first part time retail job. I saved my money and opened my first bank account at the age of eighteen. When I graduated from high school, all my friends in my group went straight to university and I was a little envious. I remember getting into a taxi and heading to the Waterfront, my favourite place in Cape Town. Feeling sorry for myself  I walked into a bookshop. As I was walking through the the personal development section, my elbow accidently hit a bookshelf. A book called The Power Of Positive thinking by Norman Vincent Peale had landed on the floor. I was curious and read through a passage in the book and these beautiful words had changed my life forever. I stopped feeling “sorry for myself ” and changed my mindset. I had completed my Marketing course and received my certification. A year later I enrolled to undertake a Public Relations course and received my certification. I love learning, growing and evolving…

Through my studies I felt empowered, I felt independent and I felt on top of the world. I had received a salary increase and purchased my first car at age 21. It was an adorable little Fiat Uno, paid with the help of a small deposit from my mother. I had my driver’s license, my car, my education, a bank account with a stable income, but I wanted more. I felt this feeling in my heart and soul that this was only the beginning. I believed that I could achieve greatness either way as I am worth the investment. I had this burning desire within me to inspire and help others in my future, I wasn’t sure how…

Whilst working as a retail department manager, I was headhunted and offered a position at the award winning 5 star hotel and spa in Camps Bay. In the same week I was offered a senior position at head office, my intuition had leaned towards going for the interview at the hotel instead. I remember going for my interview and feeling a warm tingling sensation running down my spine. I was driving along the same ocean road I had dreamt about as a little girl. I remember driving by these beautiful ocean front hotels with my family and reading about them in the Conde Nast Traveler magazine, thinking to myself how amazing would it be working at a 5 star hotel of this calibre. I had the opportunity to meet both local and international celebrities including Camilla Belle, Ralph Fiennes, Luke Goss, Malik Whitfield, soccer player Ronaldo, Laila Ali, heads of state, local entertainers and many more. I loved my job, meeting new people and seeing new faces every single day, what a great experience.

Whilst working at the 12 Apostles hotel and spa I had saved enough money for a deposit towards my 4-year national diploma in Public Relations Management at Cape Peninsula University Of Technology. It was a challenging journey, studying part-time and working long hours in the hospitality industry. Thank goodness I had an amazing manager who supported me. At times I must admit, having a social life was non existent as I was laser focused on achieving my goals. But I had known in my heart and soul that my hard work and dedication would pay off long term.

The highlight of my public relations studies was interning at a university radio station where I assisted the crew with researching content for on air segments and also assisting at a local community newspaper as the entertainment writer and researcher. I loved every minute of my internship for sure, one of my dreams was to work in radio being of service to the community. I love using my voice and creating positive content. I had a strong knowing from a very young age that I was destined to create projects that would inspire people to be all that they can be whilst encouraging a “learn and grow” mindset. When I was interviewed on a prominent radio station in Cape Town for their Winning Women radio slot, my heart raced and I had known instinctively that everything I had created in my journey was grooming me for this moment. I felt blessed, abundant and grateful for the life I had created. I believe that what you reap is what you sow. When you are clear about what you want both personally and professionally, your choices will become your guiding light and navigation system.

In November 2005 I had met my Australian husband and we decided to move to Australia in 2008. Starting over in a new country was both exciting and daunting. At times during my visa process, I felt like it was a challenge and struggle starting over in a new country and finding my roots. This experience had so many beautiful blessings and many moments of having to redefine who I was in my new environment. We had our son  in May 2008, I had so many changes happen all at once, moving to a new country, starting my new job, becoming a mother and going through my visa process all at once. I am eternally grateful for every experience, lesson and hurdle I have encountered to evolve and grow to this point in my life… I wouldn’t change a thing….