I grew up with big dreams, dreams that would take me on a magical journey. I grew up in a neighbourhood called Bonteheuwel in Cape Town, South Africa. I disliked the stigma that was attached with growing up in a “disadvantaged neighbourhood” in the Cape Flats. I knew that education, would get me out of my environment and enrich my life so I would be able to live and achieve my passion. I was fearless in my pursuit, determined to break the “stereotype” and motivated to break every glass ceiling in my way. I believe to this day, that your gut instincts serve as your inner compass. You are not a product of society or people’s opinions of you, however you are the result of the choices you make and if you feel comfortable and confident within yourself and your journey, then you are on the right path. I believe whole heartedly it is not where you come from that matters but where you are going that matters most. If you are determined and clear, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

Today fast forward several years later I love inspiring our youth from all walks of life to ignite their potential, create a vision for themselves and build the life they want. You have the power to create the relationships, vision and life you want and I am passionate about passing on what I have leant throughout my life.