We live in a world where we have access to video, podcasting, webinars and social media content. With the rise of these incredible communication platforms you can make a positive impact and difference in the world using your voice and words.

Public speaking can help you share your message and story, engage with your local community and reach a global audience whilst building your brand awareness. I want to help you share your unique personality, ignite your public speaking confidence and express yourself fully. Don’t miss out on a lifechanging opportunity to speak at events, workshops, social gatherings and online platforms.

These bespoke media training sessions are tailor-made just for you. You can choose your focus area of interest from the list below and together we can start working on enhancing those key areas of concern.

To secure your spot please book in advance.


  • We will discuss the importance of storytelling and creating your message,

  • Using voice variation and projection techniques,

  • How to build presence through confident public speaking,

  • How to speak from a place of authenticity, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and real,

  • How to overcome limiting beliefs holding you back from public speaking,

  • How to speak with confidence and deliver your message with clarity, intention and purpose.

Desmore enjoys working with individuals, running workshops and group coaching sessions, tailor made for you.

$200 | 90 minutes one-on-one
$500 | 4 hours one-on-one
For more information on group coaching and workshops please send us your brief below.
If you would like Desmore to travel to your workplace, please send us your request with a brief overview.
Mobile: 0416476244

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