“My intention is to help my clients step into their own vocal light and find their own voice in our world.”Desmore

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My passion and intention, helping you to express yourself fully whilst discovering the powerful energy of releasing your own voice. We will work through practical strategies that will teach you how to communicate your message with confidence. Being able to use your words, speak your truth and unleash the heart of who you are can help you step into your public speaking power. You have the power within you to inspire, heal and uplift your audience with your words, expression and your own unique presence.

I can’t wait to help you rise up and step into your own vocal spotlight, it’s your time to shine and share your message with the world. You can do it! Desmore, your public speaking coach. 

We will work on:

  • How to overcome your fear of public speaking and how to build your vocal confidence,
  • How to strengthen your voice and how to deliver your message with your own authentic expression,
  • How to engage with your audience and build a memorable connection,
  • We work on your public speaking intention, message and purpose,
  • How to overcome the fear of being judged, reframing the mental chatter that is stopping you from shining your vocal light.

We work through practical steps that will help you to feel empowered vocally, releasing and unblocking your vocal talents and gifts.

Investment $250.00 for a 90 minute mentoring session with Desmore. 

I look forward to working with you! Desmore

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