Desmore is an innovator in the fields of podcasting, presenting, sharing and inspiring.  She is a keenly sought-after podcaster, content creator and online media entrepreneur, with a reputation for her effervescent delivery, recognisable voice and vibrant personality. Desmore genuinely enriches the lives of her listeners.

Desmore partners with inspiring industry leaders to establish a culture that is committed to creating, evolving, and inspiring, with personal foundations firmly built upon learning and constant improvement. Celebrating and reveling in your differences, rather than trying to be the same, is something Desmore hopes to inspire in all those whose paths she crosses. Desmore has the courage to make waves, be a game changer and unapologetically lead from the front. She is absolutely passionate about her experience in working with people of all cultures and ages, and walks of life.

Desmore strongly believes that every woman has the ability to generate cutting-edge ideas – all they need is passion and encouragement.


  • How to become fearless, live bravely and cultivate self belief, 

  • How to transform personal struggles and turn them into strengths,

  • How to become clear about what you want out of life,

  • If you want something really badly you have the ability to achieve your goals no matter what the circumstances, 

  • How to create a learn and grow mindset that will encourage you to grow beyond your limitations, 

  • How to stop caring about what other people think of you,

  • How to value your self-worth and your time, 

  • How to drown out the negative voices within that hold you back, 

  • It’s not where you come from that matters, it’s where you are going that matters most, 

  • How to feel good about yourself,

FOR STANDARD SPEAKING RATES $1550.00. Please send us your speaking brief via our contact box below. 

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Please note any speaking opportunities outside of the Brisbane area will incure travel costs. Desmore travels from Brisbane, Australia.