When looking at Desmore Samios personal brand Desmore, straight away you are inspired to feel good, happy and uplifted. Desmore is a woman who knows who she is; she is confident, filled with energy and has a zest for creating uplifting content that inspires her audience to feel good about themselves. Through her podcast, feel good videos, content and vibrant personality, she has created a personal brand that most certainly stands out in the crowd.

Desmore is an innovator in the fields of podcasting, presenting, sharing and inspiring.  She is a keenly sought-after podcaster, content creator and online media entrepreneur, with a reputation for her effervescent delivery, recognisable voice and vibrant personality. Desmore genuinely enriches the lives of her listeners.

Desmore is available for the following work opportunities:

      • Voice Over Work film, television, radio and commercial,

      • Podcast mentoring,

      • Guest blogging/Contributor,

      • Promotional and Business collaborations,

      • Guest Public Speaking,

      • Brand Ambassador and Sponsorship roles,

      • Podcast Collaborations,

For all rates and quotes please email us via our contact box below. Desmore is based in Brisbane, Australia.

For all Press Invitations and Media Interviews please send us your request via our contact box below. 

GET IN TOUCH: EMAIL [email protected] or CALL 0416476244

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